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System Security Consulting Services

Our team offers four main services to help your company grow with the most advanced, secure products and in-house network systems. These services include:

  • Secure Product Software Design
  • Product Security Evaluation
  • Secure Network Design
  • Network Security Evaluation

Secure Product Software Design

Build solid and reliable security into your products when you join our Security Consulting Software Design program. This program has been specifically designed to clearly identify the aspects of your software that are most vulnerable to hackers. Throughout design and development,  our team of highly skilled security professionals labors with you and your team to strengthen the vulnerable aspects of your product before they go to market. When you utilize our Product Software Design services , the result is that your end product will be made highly secure and significantly less attractive to hackers.

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Product Security Evaluation

Our team identifies the aspects of previously released products currently being sold into key target markets that are most vulnerable to hacker attack. When we identify product vulnerabilities and provide bulletproof solutions for those vulnerabilities, we are ensuring our clients continued satisfaction and loyalty. Once a vulnerable aspect of your product has been identified, our team of hands on experienced security professionals labor as a virtual extension of your team to secure the target areas. This service can also be utilized to validate and certify the security level of your product for your customers prior to purchase. The Product Security Evaluation service when used in this manner gives your clients the confidence that when they buy your products they are not introducing new security threats or vulnerabilities into their network.

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Secure Network Design services are ideal for clients that need to get the most out of their network. Our staff of experienced professionals understands your requirements for security, reliability and throughput. We work with you to design a network that meets your specific requirements. We have experience in ISP grade network design and implementation as well as small business network design.

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Network Security Evaluation

GoldTech's Security Consulting offers two levels of Network Security Evaluation:

1) The first level of service provides a quick external assessment of your network. This entry-level service identifies points in your network that would make ideal targets. When these points are identified our staff then offers the best possible solution to reinforce those points and make them unappealing to hackers.

2) The second level of this service consists of a detailed low-level evaluation of your network and staff. This evaluation takes advantage of Social Engineering and full-blown network penetration testing. By using these methods, we identify nearly all tempting targets in your network and offer effective solutions to harden them. The result you achieve by utilizing either level of our Network Security Evaluation service is a secure network that becomes unattractive or unappealing to hackers.

Our Network Security Evaluation services are ideal for clients that need to maintain the highest levels of network and system security. A few critical examples include financial companies, e-commerce hosting providers and healthcare providers. In one specific example, healthcare providers who fail to properly secure their networks can face serious legal issues such as civil lawsuits and criminal penalties [see]. We evaluate your industry, policies, network(s) and security requirements to help you build a security solution that meets your specific needs as discussed below.

Industry Evaluation: We evaluate your industry and identify all government rules and regulations which applies to your company.

Policy Evaluation: We will assess your operational policies and your security policies. If these policies do not already exist, we will help you create them.

Network Evaluation: We will appraise your entire network infrastructure and identify security vulnerabilities. Each vulnerability will be described in detail and solutions will be provided.

Stage 1: Topology Evaluation
We will evaluate your Network Topology and identify any potential points of weakness. Each vulnerability will be accompanied by a cost effective solution.

Stage 2: Monitoring (ANVIL FCS)
GoldTech is one of the first network and system security solutions provider to combine full real-time Intrusion Detection capabilities with forensic Collection technologies. GoldTech's flagship security product, AVIL FCS Detects and alerts our customers of all unauthorized network activity. It is the most advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Forensic Collection System (FCS) available within the industry! By combining innovative technologies and intellectual capital with a unique architectural approach, ANVIL is capable of detecting 99.9% of all external attacks. ANVIL FCS also provides its users with powerful recovery tools that greatly reduces the risk of productivity losses associated with any form of intrusion. For a DEMO of ANVIL FCS please contact us.

Stage 3: Nightly Security Audits (HAMMER)
HAMMER is an automated vulnerability scanner which will check your network for known security risks every 24 hours. According to a recent study done by the federally funded Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) 99.9% of all successful attacks make use of known security vulnerabilities. Hammer, using the Nesses vulnerability scanning engine , checks for these known vulnerabilities on a nightly basis and provides you with a detailed report on each vulnerability found. Reports can be viewed via the web or can be emailed to you on a nightly basis. Hammer users can control which hosts are scanned, how frequently they are scanned, and what they are scanned for by using our web based control panel. This allows you the maximum flexibility while maintaining the necessary required level of protection. Note: Hammer uses the nessus vulnerability scanning engine. (For a free one time hammer scan please contact us here.)

Stage 4: Quarterly Manual Security Audits
Our highly qualified Strategic Reconnaissance Team (recon) has over 70 years cumulative industry experience in network and systems security.While vulnerability scanners are useful and do protect you from the majority of vulnerabilities, they are incapable of matching the abilities of an experienced human team. (Scanners are static, humans are dynamic). Our Strategic Reconnaissance Team is one of the most respected and trusted teams in the industry and has been responsible for identifying critical security threats in major software packages on nearly all platforms.

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GoldTech Security Consulting offers professional services to the public and private sectors. Consulting services are delivered on either a fixed price per-contract basis or a time and materials basis. All consulting engagements are confidential being implemented with the highest ethical and professional standards under strict NDA or MNDA agreement. For more information, or to request a confidential services price quote please contact us at

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