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Disaster Recovery Planning/Information Assurance

  • Provide complete step-by-step assessment of client Disaster Recovery needs to include detailed analysis of the following key areas.
  • Emergency Incident assessment that addresses potential disruptive events that affect normal business processes.
  • Business Risk Assessment examining the criticality of business processes and the impact of service loss or reduction to customer service levels.
  • Develop strategies for backup and recovery of both essential business processes and critical equipment.
  • Provide project planning, documentation and orientation to include the development of test programs, training and implementing plan maintenance and procedures.

Information Assurance:

  • Provide detailed Risk Assessment of clients current security posture and develop information security plan to address and mitigate the potential threats and vulnerabilities to the existing customer environment.
  • Develop cost benefit analysis and security policy/procedures to include a plan of action for maintaining a long term multi-faceted security posture.

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